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flowers and earth railingclose-up


The two wings of Māti

A designer and a sculptor

Co-founders Aparna Sukhija and Gloriana Riggioni joined forces to explore ways to live close to the earth and give full rein to creativity.

Aparna is a ceramics specialist with a background in design. After an early career in advertising, she moved away from a computer-based practice into the world of hand crafts. Her work has expanded to include the art of creating living spaces.


Gloriana is a multidisciplinary sculptor with a background in Art History and Philosophy and a long-standing teaching career. Her interest in working with natural materials has led her to pursue traditional techniques for the making of large scale structures.


Mati was conceived as a place to gather a rising community of similarly driven people: collaborators, learners and fellow practitioners who can enrich and be nurtured by the environment that is being created. 

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